-Outline of laboratory-

Research Policy

■Robotics & Automation
■System & Control
■Development of viberation control technology which is gentle to people
■Formulation of Intelligent Control System based on symbiosis of
 machines and humans

 In our laboratory, studies on system and control engineering have been done under supervise of Professor Dr. K.Terashima. Basically, experimental and simulation study are well-balanced. All research themes are concerned with studying modeling, analysis and control design for material or mechanical processes, transportation systems, robotics and autonomous mobile robot in order to realize factory automation and flexible manufacturing system. Our current interests are extensively directed towards not only control of instrument level but also upper-level control including environmental recognition and planning. Our final goal is to produce innovative and practical control algorithm, and also essential control technique through various control application. Projects comprising many themes have been undertaken in collaboration with industry and other universities.

At the kick-off meeting at the beginning of April, 2017.



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