New members (M1 and B4 students) have been put to ourLab.
Prof. Terasima gave a invited lecture
in Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech
at Spain Barcelona.
And making a discussion with Robot institute chief of there.
Mr. Halim (D3) presented in the IEEE International Conference on Systems,
Man and Cybernatics (SMC) 2016 held at Budapest, Hungar.
Mr. Meier Janik Jonathan and Mr. Alexander Warsewa have been put to our Lab
as students of double degree program (M2).

Mr. kanada (M2) presented in the International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materials
and Applications in Actuators (IWPMA2016) held at Jeju, Korea.

Mr. Halim (D3) presented in the International Conference on Information Fusion
(FUSION 2016) held at Heidelberg, German.
Dr. Tasaki and Mr. Ito (D3) presented in the 72nd World Foundry Congress (WFC2016) held at Portmesse Nagoya.
Mr. Ito received Young Author Best Paper Award for his paper.

WORLD FOUNDEX 2016, the exhibition of foundry industry and
organizations,was also held at same venue. We exhibited Terapio,
an omni-directional mobile bed and demonstration of sloshing
suppression control in Theme section, and Lucia in Corporate PR Session Venue.
Philipp Oetinger has been put to our Lab as a resarch student.

New members (M1 and B4 students) have been put to ourLab.
Dr. Saegusa, M2 Kawase, M1 Katayama and Miki presented
in International Symposium on System Integration 2015
in Meijo Univercity, Nagoya, Japan
D2 Ito presented in The 13th Asian Foundry Congress
held in Ta Quang Buu Library, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.